AONB forum

Our Chair speaks at AONB Forum - 16th May 2013

Helen Hastings, FPB Chair, was invited to speak at the annual forum of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on Saturday 16th May 2013.

AONB.pngShe said ‘The story of the Friends of Pendower Beach is not just about the campaigns we’re running against inappropriate development on the beach and in the surrounding AONB.  We have to demonstrate the importance of neighbourhood planning and gain public support for it.  We also have to engage with the political forces that can undermine the efforts of the AONB Unit and organisations such as ours.  We need to harness people’s love of the Cornish countryside to ensure that the AONB is still beautiful in years to come.’

To see our press release click here (.doc), (.pdf).

And here is the speech.