2017 AGM and Open Meeting: Pink Hotel discussion

Friends of Pendower Beach Annual General Meeting.  
7.30pm Thursday 23rd November, Gerrans Memorial Hall.

Dear supporters 
I’m writing to tell you about our next AGM and to update you (a bit!) on the Pink Hotel.
The AGM will be in a fortnight’s time, on Thursday 23rd November.  You’ll find the Agenda below with a link to the Minutes of the last meeting and the Annual Report and Accounts for the year to December 2016.
Those of you who have attended on previous occasions will know that the AGM is not exciting, but at least it’s brief.  I do hope you’ll be able to attend, especially those of you who are members.
Usually we try to enliven the proceedings by following the AGM with an open meeting on a topic that might be more entertaining.  This time I’d hoped to be able to focus on the latest news on the Pink Hotel.  However I’ve been told that the developers are not ready to present their ideas to the public at this stage.
I understand that by the time of the AGM they'll have had exploratory meetings with Philleigh and Veryan Parish Councils.  They’re also talking to the Cornwall Design Review Panel.  However there won't be a concrete application, complete with plans, until a public consultation has taken place.  This process is known as Pre-Applicaton Community Engagement (PACE).
PACE is a new initiative by Cornwall Council to involve the public in the planning process at the earliest stage, before a planning application is submitted.  I understand the intention is that the public should be able to have more influence in shaping planning proposals well before they are set in stone.
Will this work?  So far I believe there is only one other PACE case in progress.  You can find out more online by searching on 'Cornwall Council/PACE’.  The acid test will be whether what is finally built truly reflects the ideas of all those who have contributed to the PACE process, as well as meeting the requirements of policies contained in the Cornwall Local Plan, the Roseland Plan, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Management Plan.  We’ll see.
I hope we may be able to tell you a bit more at our AGM meeting and look forward to welcoming as many of you as can make it on 23rd November.
All the best