Beauty and the Beach

Friends of Pendower Beach is a recently formed charitable association. Our
supporters share a love of Pendower Beach, its surrounding landscape and
coastline. The beach makes a profound impression on all those who visit it, whether
they walk their dogs on it twice a day or have come with their families for a single
holiday afternoon.

The Pendower Beach Hotel, the Pink Hotel as many know it, was sold three years
ago. Since then it has lain empty and neglected. Emerging proposals for the
development of the site have raised major concern both locally and throughout the
wider community. The Friends’ purpose is to provide a voice for all those concerned.

The significance of the Pendower Beach Hotel site is beyond question. The beach is
part of the Heritage Coast, an AONB and SSSI. The South West Coast Path, which
crosses it, is the most visited tourist attraction in Cornwall. Given the extreme
sensitivity of the site, we believe that any proposed development requires the fullest
attention, scrutiny and public consultation.

The view from Nare Head towards Pendower Beach makes our case more
eloquently than anything we might put in print; a few insignificant buildings, the
gentle slope of the coast and surrounding fields, cliffs, breakers and the open sea.
Any new building should not have significantly greater visual impact or be greater in
scale than what is there now.

Our concern about development goes beyond building. It involves people, wildlife,
infrastructure and tourism. Our campaign raises practical and economic issues as
well as fundamental questions about the deeper significance of the landscape.

Development is often seen as benefitting tourism and employment. The significance
of Pendower Beach needs to be seen in a wider context. The beach is unique in its
unspoilt beauty. It is the very reason people choose to come here, from the rest of
Cornwall, from the rest of the country and indeed much further afield. It is a precious
but vulnerable asset. Any development which involves the quasi privatisation of the
beach will discourage the very visitors who love it now. Any development which
justifies the next development sets up a domino effect which we have seen ruin
many other beaches in Cornwall and elsewhere, places which were once as unspoilt
as Pendower.

Development requires us to imagine the future. Pendower is the iconic beach of
childhood memories, of family holidays, of happy times with our grandchildren that
are yet to come. The Friends of Pendower Beach want to make sure that it will
always be there in all its beauty for all of us to enjoy.

Helen Hastings