Bird watching

Pendower Beach is an exciting place to watch birds and over the coming months this page will carry news and information about about species you might see there. To start, we have chosen two birds - a rare visitor and a rare resident – the Black Throated Diver and the Dartford Warbler.  Please contact us if you have any sightings you would like to share.

choughs.jpgNews flash - 14th December 2014.  Choughs sighting!

Quote' Pair of choughs flew east from Pendower along the beach, calling, then perched on the cliff below the Nare Hotel, poking about in holes in the raised beach area of the cliff for many minutes. Wonderful!'


BlackThroatedDiver.pngWith a UK winter population numbered in only hundreds, the Black Throated Diver (known in North America as the Loon) can occasionally be seen fishing offshore at Pendower. Indeed, a record number of sightings have been recorded off the beach over the years. The bird is migratory breeding in northern lakes and lochs in the US and Europe during the summer months and wintering along Atlantic coasts further south. The warming of the North Atlantic seems to have affected Black Throated Divers adversely. Never a common bird on the Cornish coast, it is sadly becoming rarer.


DartfordWarbler.pngThe Dartford Warbler is a very rare bird in the UK - almost exclusively confined to the lowland heaths of southern England. It feeds on insects and spiders which it finds on heathland plants such as gorse. The last two winters have had a devastating effect on the total UK population but the bird can sometimes be seen at Pendower if you are very, very lucky!