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Posted by admin on June 11, 2017

Friends of Pendower Beach: February update

Dear Supporters

Firstly a warm welcome to those who have just joined us and thank you for your many emails. It is heartening to know that so many people are supporting our work to safeguard Pendower.

This update contains some important information so please could I ask you to read it through to the end.

Friends of Pendower Beach supporters and members

We now have well over 500 people on our database, of whom over 90% live locally. In addition we have a further 100 or more Facebook supporters. This is a fantastic achievement given that the Friends came into existence less than three months ago.


Membership of the charity is open to anyone aged 18 or over on registration and payment of a minimum annual subscription. The amount is decided by our Committee. This year we're asking for £5 but if you can give more it will help us greatly in all the work we need to do. Please pay online via the website if you can (see below). This makes your payments much quicker and easier to process. To pay using internet or telephone banking please email for our account details. Those of you without these options please send your cheque to: FPB Treasurer, Erleen, Treworga, Truro TR2 5NN.
NB: Those who have already made donations will automatically be registered as Members.

Those supporting our aims but not wishing to become members can register as supporters. They can contribute their views and opinions and will be kept informed of events and activities but won't have voting rights.

Our core team

Peter Gane is our Treasurer. His background is in finance and marketing. He was founding Treasurer for U3A Roseland and set up all its systems. He has done all the nitty gritty work necessary to establish Friends of Pendower Beach as a charity. He deserves warmest thanks for getting our website up and running in record time.

Steve Watson is our Planning Coordinator. Steve was the Chief Planning Officer for Carrick District Council for nearly 25 years. It is a great strength to have someone of his experience in our core team.

Brian Perman is our Media and Communications Coordinator. He has been instrumental in getting our message across to the wider public. Some of you may have seen a piece about Friends of Pendower Beach and the Pink Hotel development in the West Briton on 27th January. Brian organises our Facebook page and our page in Roseland Online. He will be responsible for updating the website.

Alison Golding is our Meetings Secretary and was responsible for producing the excellent set of minutes for our general meeting on 20th January, which will have been circulated to all of you.

Sarah Cuignet is our Membership Coordinator. She's been handling the recruitment of new supporters and has been hard at work distributing the leaflets and posters which many of you will have seen.

Sue Fallick runs our supporters' database. We greatly appreciate the hours she's spent on this painstaking task. All supporters can help by letting us have full and legible contact details. Address details give us important information on the geographic distribution of our support.

Sue Pring, landscape architect and mobile encyclopaedia of local information provides back-up and contacts on the planning side (and all sorts of other stuff). She seems to know everyone.

FPB Activities

Our website is now live at: It provides information on Pendower Beach itself, our policies and activities, planning issues, proposals for the site so far and other details of interest both to supporters and the wider public. New Friends can join us via the site and all of you can use it to make donations (see below). There's a page for your own views and links to related key organisations.
If you have useful or interesting information for inclusion in the website please let us know.
We are hoping to find some free graphic design input. Do you know anyone who could help us?

Planning consultant
We have interviewed a Planning Consultant to provide us with professional help, should we need it, in arguing the case against an inappropriate development application and making representations to the Planning Department and Planning Committee. We will make a decision on the necessity for this appointment once the formal planning application has been submitted. We will need to raise money for this (see below).

Meeting with the Planning Department
We have written to Cornwall Planning Department telling them of our existence and objectives. We have had a promising response. An informal meeting with the planning officers is scheduled for 21st February.

Contacts with key organisations
We are in the process of building relationships with other organisations that also have concerns about the future of Pendower Beach. The National Trust has been keen to support us. We have had conversations with the AONB, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Cornwall tourist organisations. We are in touch with Philleigh Parish Council and our Councillor Julian German. We have a list of several other organisations to contact in the next few weeks.

Members and supporters
Our numbers increase by the day, thanks to Sarah and Sue's hard work. If you'd like copies of our posters or leaflets let us know and Sarah will get them to you.
The 'buddy' system is to make sure those of you who are not on email get information distributed by those of you who are.
Calling Tregony Friends on email: we still need buddies in your area. Can you help? Otherwise we think we just about have everyone covered, but if you know of anyone we've missed out please let us know.

General meeting
Over 100 of you attended our general meeting on 20th January. By now all of you should have seen draft minutes. These express clearly the views and objectives of the Friends of Pendower Beach. Copies of the final minutes (with one or two minor amendments) are available on request or via the website.

Help from you

Your subscriptions will be vital in helping us organise our campaign. So we hope those of you who can will give more than £5. The first major objective will probably be to raise funds for our planning consultant. If you are a UK tax payer you can help us further by gift aiding your payment.

We still need a Fundraising Coordinator. Can any of you help us? Meanwhile a number of ideas are in the pipeline.
Brian is working on a calendar, incorporating the beautiful photographs our supporter Jane Luney has taken of the beach.
Friends of Pendower Beach Party. Please could we have help from you to organise this? We need half a dozen people to work in a small committee to get the idea off the ground. The date will be a Saturday or Sunday when the tide is low in the afternoon and the sun is guaranteed to shine!

Letter writing
Alison is helping to draw up a list of key points we need you to make to the Planning Department and others once the formal planning application for the Pink Hotel site goes in. We will send this list to all our supporters, together with a list of people to write to. Your letters will make a major contribution to our campaign.

I think that's all for now. Warmest thanks to all of you. Your support makes me optimistic that we really can make a difference.

Yours Helen

Helen Hastings