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2012 update 2 3rd May Neighbourhood Planning background information

Posted by admin on June 11, 2017

Neighbourhood Planning background information.

You will probably have heard of the launch of the Government's new approach to development planning, the National Planning Policy Framework. You may also be aware that Cornwall Council has completed a second public consultation on the proposed Local Plan for Cornwall, which will set out the broad objectives in accordance with the national framework.

Within the new framework is the provision for communities in the form of towns, villages or groups of villages to be recognised as a "neighbourhood" and create their own neighbourhood plan. These take the broad objectives of the Local Plan to a much more detailed level, setting out what type of development the community would like to see and where it should take place.

Of course neighbourhood plans can't specify less overall development than is set out for their area in the Local Plan. However, once a plan has been agreed by a consensus of local people in a referendum, it would become part of Cornwall Council's planning policy and future development applications in that neighbourhood area would have to be in accordance with that plan.

In the absence of a neighbourhood plan, each application will be judged by a planning officer and decisions made on an individual basis according to the officer's judgement, in much the same way as they are at present.

It might be thought that since the proposed Local Plan does not envisage large scale development on the Roseland, because of its isolated nature, neighbourhood plans are not necessary here. Remember though that most of the local concerns have been about inappropriate small scale development, such as very large houses and substantial agricultural buildings in prominent positions.

A neighbourhood plan would allow the community to specify its wishes in relation to all forms of development, not just new housing estates.

Because the Roseland parishes are individually relatively small, a cluster meeting of representatives of most of them is being held on 15th May at Gerrans Parish Memorial Hall to discuss their views on neighbourhood plans and whether some or all of them might wish to combine their efforts as a Roseland "neighbourhood" for this purpose.

We appreciate that the work involved would be significant, but if you feel that a neighbourhood plan or plans would be beneficial for the future of the Roseland, this is your opportunity to let your parish councillors know your views.

To make it easier, we have suggested a form of letter you might wish to deliver, either direct to your councillor if you know their address, or via the parish clerk, whose addresses are set out below.