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Posted by admin on June 11, 2017

Dear Supporters

Expansion of the Nare Hotel

We need to know what you think about the proposed major expansion of the Nare Hotel.

As you know the Friends of Pendower Beach came together to preserve the beauty of the beach and protect it from inappropriate development. Our initial focus was the Pink Hotel site. Now we need to decide how to respond to the Nare's plans for the opposite end of the beach. Where is the dividing line between unspoilt and spoilt? Will the proposed new development compromise the unique beauty of the beach as it is now?

I've attached a plan to this email which shows the existing building at the Nare (light grey) and the proposed new building (dark grey). Currently the hotel has 36 bedrooms. Essentially, the plans include:

A new two storey extension to the West wing to provide 4 new suites
East extension above the Quarterdeck to provide 2 new suites
A new three storey building of four terraced cottages and 2 storey building of 2 suites replacing parts of the existing staff accommodation
Demolition of the White House (currently residential) and replacement with self catering accommodation for two families, with private indoor swimming pool
New 4 bedroom self catering house on existing tennis court in White House grounds
1 studio flat in rebuilt larger boat house at entrance to White House grounds
A new recycling building at the rear of the hotel grounds
17 tied accommodation studio flats for staff at the Tregony Industrial Units

The design of the new buildings is in a similar style to the existing hotel.

The hotel has lodged a planning application for the development, which can be seen on the Planning section of Cornwall Council's website by typing in 'Nare Hotel' on the online planning register. The reference is PA13/00256

Supporting documents, including plans and elevations and a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA), can be viewed by clicking on the application and then going to Documents followed by Associated Documents.

Friends of Pendower Beach Committee 8th February: concerns

No full Environmental Impact Assessment was requested by Cornwall Council even though formal consultees AONB Unit and Natural England said an EIA was necessary.
The Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) included in the planning application lists a number of view points from which the scale of the new building will be observed but does not at present include photomontages of all these views, making it hard to judge the impact.
The height and massing of the new buildings.
The change of use of the White House from residential to commercial.
The impact of the new building on cliff erosion and the visual impact of remedial measures (gabions, boulder supports) that might eventually be needed to counteract the effects.

What happens now?

The consultation process on the application is due to end around 1st May.

Toby Ashworth, proprietor of the Nare Hotel is intending to put the plans on view at the hotel towards the end of February and will let us know when. He's also in discussions with Veryan and Tregony Parish Councils. We understand that Veryan will discuss the proposals on 18th March and Tregony on 11th March.

How would you like the Friends of Pendower Beach to respond to the Nare Hotel application?

You may want to see the plans in detail before taking a view of the development, but we need to know now whether in principle you are for or against the application, or aspects of it.
Please come back to us before our next Committee meeting on 21st February
so that we can direct our energies in the most appropriate way.

Can you help us?

The Committee is currently short of manpower and expertise, particularly in the field of planning, development and landscape issues. Do you have any of these skills and a bit of spare time? We urgently need more help, especially if you want us to make submissions to the Planning Department regarding the Nare application.

If you want us to object to the Nare proposals we may also need to employ a planning consultant to prepare a brief for us and present our case to the Planning Committee. If so this will almost certainly mean that we will have to raise additional funds to pay him.

Let us know what you think

We look forward to hearing from you

All the best Helen

Helen Hastings Chair Friends of Pendower Beach