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2013 update 2

Posted by admin on June 11, 2017

Dear Supporters

Nare Hotel development

The Friends of Pendower Beach committee have now looked at the plans on the Council's website in more detail. We have attended the public viewing and had further discussions within the committee and with external experts. We have spoken to the Cornwall AONB Unit's landscape architect June Crossland. The unit is concerned about the scale of the proposed development and will be putting in its own objection shortly.

The remit of FPB is 'To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of Pendower Beach and its environs designated as part of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.'

In the light of the available evidence, and in line with FPB's stated objectives, it is our considered view that it is appropriate and necessary for us to raise objections to the proposals. We are in the process of drafting the comments we propose to make and intend to post these on Cornwall Council's planning portal on Monday 4th March, the statutory deadline.

As the photomontages included in the Nare application documents are limited, we have ourselves commissioned visual representations of the proposed new buildings. These are as accurate as possible given the available information. Please find them attached.

We appreciate the comments many of you have made in response to our previous email. Almost all replies have expressed some concern, given the current information available, about the scale of the proposed new building.

By now you will have had a chance to attend the public viewing of the plans at the hotel and may have had further thoughts on what is proposed. We would encourage supporters to post their own individual comments on the Council's planning website.

The comments below are based on the views and research of a lawyer and a landscape architect, who are members of the FPB committee, with further advice from three former planning officers/inspectors, one of whom is an architect and another of whom has a background in geology.

Summary of FPB comments

1. The application is incompatible with principles of landscape protection as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty management plan. The stretch of coastline along Pendower and Carne Beach has the strongest planning restraint policies in the form of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Heritage Coast and Special Scientific Interest designation. These restraint policies have been assiduously applied to protect coastal landscapes which are of national significance.
2. The application is for a major commercial development in an AONB. The National Planning Policy Framework ('NPPF') states that planning permission should be refused for a major development in an AONB except in exceptional circumstances and where it can be demonstrated to be in the public interest.
3. The extent, height and mass of the proposed development are inappropriate given the visibility and prominence of the site. The proposals would increase the gross internal floor space from 2481 square metres to 3592 square metres, an increase of 45%. The number of bedrooms would increase from 36 to 61.
4. The development would create additional light pollution which would be visible across the whole of Gerrans Bay.

5. The proposed developments relating to the White House, the Tennis Court House and the Boat House would involve a change of use to commercial hotel premises. This change of use would have a significant impact on the character of the area immediately around Carne Beach.

6. Any development of the land above Pendower/Carne Beach will necessitate deep piling to support it, which will disturb the aquifers. The effect on the cliff's stability is unknown. A combination of pressurised cement grout, anchors and steel mesh reinforcing, together with rock armour, may keep erosion at bay but would threaten the visual amenity from the shoreline and the destruction of a SSSI. The sustainability of the development is in doubt.

7. The dramatic increase in size of the Nare Hotel and change of use of existing residential buildings would set a precedent for future development in the area and the wider AONB.

Supporters will be able to read our final comments in full on Cornwall Council's planning website.

Yours Helen

Helen Hastings

Friends of Pendower Beach