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Posted by admin on June 11, 2017

Good sense prevails at the Veryan Parish Meeting

Dear Supporters

Brian Perman, Veryan resident and Friends of Pendower Committee member writes:

On Monday 15 April, Veryan held its annual parish meeting, an opportunity for local electors to discuss parish matters and decide on future actions. The meeting resolved to object to the current planning application at the Nare (PA13/00256). The parish clerk will be writing to Cornwall Council to lodge this objection with the planners. The meeting also asked the Parish Council to reconsider its decision not to object to the Nare application: this will be discussed at the next parish council meeting in May.
After the parish meeting finished, Veryan Parish Council met. They discussed a request from the Friends of Pendower asking them to write to Cornwall Council with concerns over the proposed sewage treatment arrangements for the Nare hotel and their implications for Carne Beach. The Parish Council agreed to write to Cornwall Council in the terms proposed by the Friends, as follows:
"The opinion of Veryan Parish Council at their March meeting was that planning application PA13/00256 at the Nare Hotel should not be opposed. Since that meeting, the Parish Council has been made aware of the Environment Agency's concerns regarding the potential for sewage pollution at Carne Beach if the development were permitted. The Environment Agency has calculated that the amount of sewage created by the guests and staff at the expanded hotel would be as much as 28,800 litres per day. They are not satisfied that the proposals for sewage treatment at the expanded hotel would operate safely and effectively over its lifetime.
Veryan Parish Council is clear that it is essential to maintain the current high water quality at Carne and Pendower Beaches. Any sewage pollution from the Nare Hotel would be highly detrimental to Carne Beach and its use by local families and tourists. There is particular concern that the sewage system at the hotel must be sufficient for there to be no risk of pollution at the height of summer, when the hotel will be fully occupied and the use of Carne beach by families with young children will be at its greatest.
Veryan Council asks Cornwall Council to ensure, before any planning permission is granted to the Nare Hotel, that all the Environment Agency's concerns about the potential for future sewage contamination at Carne Beach over the proposed lifetime of the hotel development have been fully resolved."
We are pleased with the progress that was made at the Veryan parish council meeting towards protecting the beach. The arguments have been presented in a calm and rational way. This has persuaded both the public and the parish council which represents them in Veryan, of the good sense of what the statutory consultees and the Friends of Pendower have been saying.

This gives confidence that all parties will be able to sit down together and work out a resolution, in the new spirit of neighbourhood planning.
We now wait to hear the response of Cornwall Council to this planning application and the objections to it.
Thank you all for your continuing support in our campaign to protect the beach.