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2013 update 7

Posted by admin on June 11, 2017

Dear supporters

This is to bring you up to date on the Nare Hotel development and ask for your help** at this next important stage.

The Nare Hotel architects were asked to revise their plans for the hotel, following objections by statutory consultees including the AONB unit and the National Trust, as well as all the comments posted on Cornwall Council's planning website by our supporters and others.  You'll see below the email I received from Martin Woodley, the planning officer, to this effect.

The architects have now responded.  I attach the agent's covering letter, which outlines the changes made to the original plans.  Further details of the modifications can be viewed on Cornwall Council's planning portal.

The closing date for further comments by statutory consultees and members of the public is next Tuesday, 4th June.

We're intending to reiterate our original objection, as we consider the revisions by no means adequate.  All our original concerns still stand, the most important being the issue of size.  The scale and massing of the proposed new building remain too dominant in this protected landscape.

In addition we have concerns about the adequacy of the proposed sewage system.  The Environment Agency withdrew its objection to the development on the basis of figures supplied by H2OK for the developers.  These figures contained significant inaccuracies.  In particular they were based on staff numbers of 70 both now and after the proposed expansion.  In fact the existing staff numbers stated in the planning application are 88, with 120 proposed.  I attach the email we sent to the Environment Agency on this subject.

** If you originally objected to the Nare development plans it would be helpful if you could reiterate your objections by emailing or writing to the planning department or posting your comments on the Cornwall Council planning portal as you did last time.
Click on the following link for the Planning Portal:
Email Cornwall Council Planning:
Write to: Cornwall Council Central Planning Team, Carrick House, Truro, Pydar Street TR1 1EB.

I understand that the AONB Unit and the National Trust will both be commenting on the revised plans to restate their objections.  As you may be aware the National Trust has a number of priorities currently, of which the Nare development may not be that significant.  **It would be great if those of you who are National Trust members could write to Mark Harold, director for the South West,,  to emphasise that we need his support in this campaign.  I understand that the views of members really do carry weight.  The postal address is Killerton House, Broadclyst, Exeter, Devon EX5 3LE.

The point to be made is that while that the Nare development may be one of many similar cases, the National Trust's active involvement is crucial if it is to have a consistent policy line.  It needs to demonstrate that it upholds and will fight for policies laid out in the NPPF and elsewhere to protect landscapes within Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  The stand its chairman Simon Jenkins has made on this issue nationally needs to be carried through consistently at local level.

A final thought: I know our supporters have a range of views about the Nare proposals, but I think there's more at stake here.  Having observed how planning decisions are made, I believe policy and precedent are the key issues.  Those who have expressed views in favour of the Nare development make little reference to the policies and legislation which exist to protect Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Sites of Special Scientific Interest.  However sympathetic we might be to the economic arguments, however attractive we consider the design of the proposed new buildings to be, the application fails to comply with policies established specifically to protect landscapes of special value.

The decision on the Nare has far reaching consequences.  Each development provides a justification for the next.  What happens at the Nare will influence future development applications within the Cornwall AONB.  Inevitably, approval could render the Pendower Beach Hotel site more vulnerable to development.  We all value what the Nare Hotel offers and want it to succeed, but we also need to do all that is necessary to protect Pendower Beach and the surrounding landscape.

With all good wishes

Yours Helen

Helen Hastings


Friends of Pendower Beach

From: Woodley Martin [] 
Sent: 17 April 2013 09:58
To: Helen Hastings; German Julian CC
Subject: RE: Nare Application

At the recent meeting with the agent and architect (Toby Ashworth did not attend) and the Electoral Division Members we ran through the consultation feedback comments and the themes of the representations received for each aspect of the masterplan.  From this we identified which elements of the scheme will need to be reviewed with the aim of addressing the areas of concern identified – particularly the feedback from the AONB Team, Natural England, the National Trust and the EA etc.

It is appreciated that several elements of the scheme are in outline with the submitted plans being illustrative only but we have pressed for the scale and massing of several of the proposed structures to be reconsidered ad reduced across the site.  Additional information on foul drainage and landscaping has also be requested.
We are now waiting the formal response to these requests.


Martin Woodley MRTPI IHBC Dip Arch Cons.
Senior Planner
Cornwall Central 1
Planning & Regeneration Service
Circuit House
Tel: 01872 224688

From: Helen Hastings [] 
Sent: 16 April 2013 18:08
To: Woodley Martin; German Julian CC
Subject: Nare Application

Dear Martin and Julian

Following my conversation with you yesterday Martin, could you let me know exactly what both of you and Bob Egerton said to Toby Ashworth and his team at the meeting you had with them some days ago?  Please could you tell me what you have asked them to do in terms of modifying the application?

Many thanks


Helen Hastings
Friends of Pendower Beach