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2014 update 1

Posted by admin on June 11, 2017

Dear supporters

A happy new year to you all. We start 2014 in good spirits but knowing there'll be plenty of work to do in the coming year.

Before I mention what we've been doing in 2013 and hope to do in the months ahead, I need to ask for some particular help from two or three of you. As you'll see from our annual report, attached, we depend on all sorts of people to help us protect Pendower. These people have enabled us to make considerable strides forward in a short space of time and with virtually no money.

One of our unsung heroes is our membership coordinator Sarah Cuignet. For the last three years her contribution has been invaluable, but now finally she needs to step down. So we need a couple of people to take up the baton.

Sarah has played a major part in recruiting our supporters, now nearly 800 in all, a wonderful achievement on her part. Firstly we need someone to take over the job of making sure that the 25 or so members who are not on email receive any information we need to circulate. This involves printing out updates and other material and either posting them or delivering them to our 'email buddies' for onward distribution (expenses paid).

We also need someone to take on Sarah's other vital role. This is to keep a regular eye on Cornwall Council's Planning Portal and making sure all members of our committee are kept abreast of any development applications or connected documents which might affect Pendower.

These roles involve a little time and patience but will make a big contribution to the success of Friends of Pendower. If you'd like to volunteer drop us an email: and we will greet you with open arms! We would also be delighted to welcome one or two new people onto our committee. We meet three or four times a year so it's not too time consuming. It can even be quite entertaining at times!

Our newest volunteer is Jerry Goodwin, who replaces Mary Asfour as Treasurer. Jerry is an accountant by background and a valuable member of our core team.

To fill you in on all that's happened during the past year I've attached our annual report for 2013. I've tried to keep it as short and to the point as possible, but there's a lot of ground to cover. You'll see that much of our work has been focussed on planning policy and implementation. This may sound a bit indigestible, but it's crucial to the business of protecting Pendower. This is illustrated in a recent article in the West Briton, also attached for those of you who may not have seen it already.

Many of you may wonder why our report doesn't mention the Pink Hotel. We understand that the intention is to turn the hotel into holiday accommodation and a restaurant, but no formal plans have been submitted so far. While we have concentrated our campaigning on limiting the extent of the Nare Hotel development, our efforts to make sure planning policies are correctly implemented will have a powerful bearing on the Pink Hotel site as well.

None of us want to see the Pink Hotel fall into disrepair, but we need to make sure that future development respects the policies which exist to protect unique landscapes such as Pendower. Neither the Nare nor the Pink Hotel can be considered in isolation. If we don't press for proper regulation and implementation at one end of the beach, it will be much more difficult to press for it at the other. That said, we would welcome sympathetic development of the Pink Hotel site and hope this may become a reality in the not too distant future.

The report also covers the links we've made with other individuals and organisations. This has been essential to our success so far. We owe a special debt of gratitude to all the people whose specialist knowledge has helped us pick our way through the quagmire of planning policy and regulation. We couldn't have managed without them. I believe relationships with organisations who share our values will be increasingly important to us in future.

As always our main source of strength is our supporters. We appreciate your comments, your letters to Cornwall Council and others, your attendance at meetings and your many words of encouragement. This is what makes it all worthwhile.

With warmest thanks and all good wishes

Friends of Pendower Beach