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2014 update 3

Posted by admin on June 11, 2017

Dear supporters

Many of you will already know that the draft Roseland Neighbourhood Plan will be going out to consultation within the next three weeks or so.  Neighbourhood planning is vital in our efforts to limit unwanted development on Pendower and the surrounding area, so we're delighted with the rapid progress made on the plan so far.

Everyone on the Roseland will be invited to comment on the draft document.  To help you do this the Friends of Pendower Beach will be organising a read-through of the draft, with one or two of the organisers of the plan on hand to answer questions.  We'll be sending you details of this event shortly, as soon as we know when the draft will be available.

Meanwhile the Plan team want to hear your own views on what it is that makes the Roseland landscape so special.  This information will form part of the local landscape character assessment (LLCA).  The LLCA defines what is important and unique in the Roseland landscape, and makes up a key element of the plan itself.  John Adams, the Roseland Plan Secretary, has just sent round the email below.  It would be great if as many of our supporters as possible could fill in the attached Value Form and send it back to John a.s.a.p.

Many thanks for your support