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2015 Update 1

Posted by admin on June 11, 2017

Dear supporters

Spring is in the air and I'm writing to tell you about developments which will have a big impact on Pendower Beach in 2015 and beyond.

Roseland Neighbourhood Plan

Now is the time when your support for the plan will prove invaluable.  In order to convince Cornwall Council and the examiner that the plan has widespread approval, we need as many people as possible to write in support of it.

This is the notice which appeared recently in the West Briton:

"Under regulation 16 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Cornwall Council is consulting residents and other interested stakeholders on the plan proposal for this area.  Consultation will run between 12th February and 26th March 2015.  You can comment to support or object by tying the neighbourhood planning application number (PA 12/00012/NPD)* [error. Should be PA15/00005/NDP ] into the online planning register.  The plan proposal includes a copy of a map and statement which identifies the area to which the proposed NPD relates; a consultation statement; the proposed NPD and a statement explaining how the proposed NPD meets the requirements of paragraph 8 of Schedule 4B to the 1990 Act....
The NPD has been developed based on evidence collected and work undertaken by the Roseland NPD Steering group.  These are available at
Please make any representations to the Council by 26th March 2015.
If you wish to send your comments in writing please send them to: The Head of Planning and Regeneration (Neighbourhood Planning) Cornwall Council, Circuit House, St Clement Street Truro TR1 3GT.

Next steps
Following the 6 week consultation period, the representations will be collated and sent for independent examination.  If the Examiner believes that the Neighbourhood Plan meets all of its requirements a referendum will take place which will allow residents to decide whether the Neighbourhood Plan should be used by the Council to determine planning applications in the Roseland parishes."

So please could you all post your support online or write to the Council before 26th March in support of the Plan?  It would also be good if you could take this opportunity to emphasise that if the Plan is voted for at referendum, Cornwall Council should implement it consistently in all their planning decisions on the Roseland.

Pink Hotel: the latest.

New proposals for the Pink Hotel site were submitted to Cornwall Council at the beginning of the year.  The development would consist of 30 residential two and three bedroom units with a restaurant, small pool and spa.

This was not a formal application but a request for a screening opinion as to whether an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) would be necessary.  The applicant referred specifically to an earlier decision requiring an EIA to be carried out for the Nare Hotel site.  You may remember that this was an issue we raised directly with the National Planning Casework Unit at the Department of Communities and Local Government, who in December 2013 overruled Cornwall Council and said that an EIA would be necessary, given the sensitivity of the site.

We're delighted to report that Cornwall Council has now decided that an EIA must be undertaken for the Pink Hotel site.  If you're interested in viewing the proposals here's the Cornwall Council link:
EIA Screening Opinion request for proposed redevelopment of the Pendower Beach Hotel site - Pendower Beach House Hotel Rocky Lane Ruan High Lanes Truro Cornwall TR2 5LW
Ref. No: PA15/00461 | Received date: Thu 15 Jan 2015 | Status: Screening Opinion - EIA Required | Case Type: Application
To find the relevant information click on 'documents' and then 'associated documents'.

So the current situation is that no development can take place on either the Pink Hotel or the Nare Hotel site until an Environmental Impact Assessment has been carried out.  These should determine whether the proposals threaten the unique and sensitive environment of Pendower Beach. At a more overarching level the Roseland Neighbourhood Plan specifies the special qualities of this area and the Roseland as a whole and sets out the policies needed to protect them.

I'd like to think that the EIA decision and the Roseland Plan represent a new direction of travel for landscape protection locally.  We are especially indebted to all those who have worked so hard to bring the Plan to fruition.  There is only one other in the whole of Cornwall that is further along the line to being voted on and approved.    Once the Plan comes into force Cornwall Council will have a duty to ensure that it is implemented and enforced, so that the beach and all of the Roseland remain protected.

It's our task to make sure this happens, so your support really does make a difference.

With all good wishes