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2016 update 1 August

Posted by admin on June 11, 2017

Dear supporters

You may well be wondering why you haven't heard anything from me so far this year.  What's been happening on Pendower Beach?  The answer is not very much, or rather not much until towards the end of June.  Just when many people were taken up with matters European there were suddenly significant developments here on Pendower.

Until then we'd heard not a squeak about the Nare Hotel planning application since the Spring of 2014, when the developers and Cornwall Council were in communication regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  This was the work on the sensitivities and limiting factors of the site itself, which The Department of Communities and Local Government had determined that the developers were required to carry out.

In June the whole application, complete with EIA, was resubmitted, with three weeks allowed for comment.   Going through the endless documents within a very short time frame was something of a headache to say the least.  As we'd commented at length on the application itself back in 2013, we confined our comments this time to the EIA.  If you'd like to see what we said you can find all the comments about the application by going to Cornwall Council's Planning Register and typing in the application number: PA13/00256.  You can also find all the documents by clicking Related Documents and then Associated Documents.

On the other hand you might find your holiday novel is rather more entertaining!

The Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan has become a game changer since it came into force last year.  It examines every planning application on the Roseland to determine whether the proposal conforms to its policies and objectives, so we hope it will provide a key planning framework for determining the suitability of the Nare application as a whole.  We'll have to wait and see what happens.  The determination deadline is 7th October 2016.  We'll send out another update as soon as we know the outcome.

Meanwhile, "What about the Pink Hotel?" I hear you ask.  Nothing to report, I'm afraid.  I'll certainly let you know of any developments.

Right now we're also looking ahead to our next AGM on 3rd November 2016.  Our Open Meeting this year will focus on the exciting work of Wild Roseland.  If you haven't heard about Wild Roseland yet you're likely to hear much more about it in future.  It's one of the projects originating from the Roseland Plan and now gathering its own momentum.  If you went to the Philleigh Fayre or the St Mawes Carnival this summer you may have seen its stand, featuring enthusiastic volunteers, wonderful wildlife photographs and an owl box.  The stand will also be up and running at the Tregony Heavy Horse Show (Sunday 14th August) and Portscatho Regatta (Saturday 27th August).

Our Open Meeting will feature a number of specialist speakers, each describing their particular Wild Roseland project.  These include wildflower meadow creation, hedgerow surveys, habitat and species recording, local school involvement in building and installing barn owl boxes.....and more.

If you can't wait that long and want to know more, take a look at or better still add your name to a growing number of enthusiastic volunteers by emailing Wild Roseland at

That's enough news for now.  Why sit at your computer when you could be on Pendower Beach?  Whether you're on holiday down here at the moment, playing with your kids or grandchildren, walking the dog or sitting in your office and dreaming of when you can next get down here, we wish you a happy summer and lots of warm, sunny, balmy days... Hmm.

Best wishes