2018 update 2 PACE reminder

Dear supporters

I hope you all know about the meeting taking place this coming Monday, 29th January?  The developers of the Pink Hotel site will be presenting their ideas to the public, who will in turn be able to ask questions and express their views.

This is a meeting called by the developers, as required by Cornwall Council. It's part of their Pre-Application Community Engagement process (PACE).  It’s NOT a Friends of Pendower meeting.

The meeting will be chaired by our Cornwall Councillor Julian German.  The Chair and Vice Chair of the Central Area Planning Committee are also expected to attend. 

You’ll find all the details of the proposals on the Cornwall Council planning portal, reference PA17/01864/PREAPP.

The documents include plans and illustrations and also the Planning Officer’s response to the proposals, which you may find particularly interesting.  See attachment below.

I’m also attaching the notice sent to me by Cornwall Council planning officer Mark Ball.  This sets out the purpose of the meeting.  You’ll see that people in the audience will be allowed to speak for no more than three minutes and questions which repeat earlier points will not be allowed.  So it would be good if anyone wanting to ask a question could prepare it advance.

As you’re probably well aware and as we know from previous consultations, the developers will have researched and rehearsed their arguments thoroughly. Points made by the audience are likely to have maximum impact if they’re backed up by facts related to planning, the environment, the local economy and so on.

Also, although people won’t be able to ask a question or make a point that’s already been covered, I think it would be worth saying when you agree with a previous speaker, giving reasons, in order to strengthen the force of what’s been said.

As far as the proposals themselves are concerned, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is the pre-application stage of a much longer process. At this stage basic principles of what the site is to be used for are more important than details of what the final design will look like. For example, are the proposals appropriate, given the history of the Pink Hotel and its location as a Site of Special Scientific Interest within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty? How have flooding, sewage and access problems been addressed? What alternative business models have been considered in addition to the present proposals? It would be good if the questions we ask on Monday can focus attention on central issues such as these.

All good wishes