2018 update 4 Building with nature

Pendower Beach: Building with Nature
Tuesday 27th November, 7.30pm in Gerrans Memorial Hall

Dear supporters
While you’ve been picking apples, digging out warmer clothes or starting a new term, your Friends of Pendower Committee has been busy.  Our intention in the coming year is to focus on a good solution for Pendower.  We want to take the initiative, rather than waiting to respond to the next planning proposal.  (More of that later.)
Before you fill your diaries with things to do as the nights draw in, here’s a date to keep free: Tuesday 27
th November at 7.30pm in Gerrans Memorial Hall.  Our usual brief AGM is not exactly thrilling, but the Open Meeting which follows will, we hope, get to the heart of what counts on Pendower.  How to bring conservation and building together?  How to build with nature.
Hot off the press, we’ll be presenting our own Pendower Beach leaflet, written by one of our members, former biology lecturer and Veryan resident Annie Agnew, and designed and produced on the Roseland by Emma Gordon at Design Room Cornwall, Ruan High Lanes.  Maps and photographs are the work of Sue Pring and Brian Perman, two of our committee members.  It tells you all that is remarkable about Pendower and drives home the message about why we need to protect it.
Annie herself will speak first at the meeting to introduce the leaflet.  We then have two speakers from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. 
Cheryl Marriott is Head of Conservation.  She oversees the work of the land and marine conservation programmes and the Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (ERCCIS).  The theme of her talk is ‘Pendower and beyond – putting the beach in the wider context.’
Jenny Stuart is a Building with Nature Assessor at CWT.  She joined Cornwall Environmental Consultants, the trading arm of Cornwall Wildlife Trust in 2004.  Her background is in ecological consultancy and advising architects and developers on how to incorporate wildlife into developments.  She’ll describe how building in a unique natural environment such as Pendower can be achieved.  This is a key message we want to communicate to the developers and Cornwall Council.  We’re hoping their representatives will attend.
Following the three presentations we’ll have our usual Q&A panel discussion.
If you want to find out more about the Building with Nature initiative, here’s the website: https://www.buildingwithnature.org.uk/.
 And finally, you ask, are there any Pink Hotel developments?  I spoke to the developers’ agent about a month ago.  Coincidentally, it was the day after they’d put their latest idea to the Cornwall Design Review Panel and so they were still waiting to hear its response.  The proposal is for a twenty bedroom hotel, a restaurant and twenty apartments.  An actual planning application won’t be submitted to Cornwall Council until a Financial Viability Assessment is carried out.  If I hear more I’ll let you know how this next episode of the saga is playing out.
Meanwhile, in this lovely Autumn sunshine, I walk along Pendower, as I’m sure many of you do, and am blown away every time by the extraordinary beauty of the beach.  Not to be taken for granted, but to be enjoyed when and while we can.  
Hoping to see you on 27
th November.
With all good wishes