2018 update 6 Building with nature report

Dear Supporters, 

It was great to see so many of you at our AGM and Open Meeting last Tuesday.  Warm thanks for all your very positive feedback.  We had plenty to think about during the evening and are perhaps beginning to see a potential way forward for the Pink Hotel site.
Cheryl Marriott from Cornwall Wildlife Trust had bad news regarding habitat loss but some good news on changing attitudes in Government, with support for wildlife, farming and environmental initiatives now coming from some perhaps unlikely sources such as DEFRA and Michael Gove himself.  She talked about some recent successes in developing ‘win-win’ solutions to wildlife threats, by developing new, cooperative ways of working with farmers, fishermen and others.  We hope we can develop a similar cooperative process as regards the Pink Hotel site.
Jenny Stuart showed us what ‘Building with Nature’ is about, including the award system that has been developed for rewarding good practice.  She illustrated this with a number of case studies.  Anyone who has visited Gloucester Services on the M5, which won a Buildiing with Nature award for its design, will realise the potential for the scheme.  Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust was responsible for getting the Building with Nature initiative off the ground and setting up the award assessment process, but so far the only other assessor in the country is Jenny herself, here in Cornwall.
The most encouraging moment of the whole evening was when the Pink Hotel architect, Gary Wyatt, talked about his growing understanding of the unique value and special requirements of the site, having worked on the project for five years.  He wanted to find a mechanism for greater cooperation with interested parties at the design stage, with a view to finding a solution that would win support amongst the wider public.  Cue loud applause!
If anyone needs reminding why this is so important, our new information leaflet and Annie Agnew’s introduction to it at the meeting underline all that is unique and extraordinary about Pendower Beach.  It takes a meticulous scientist like Annie to describe in precise detail everything that makes the beach so special.  Up to now I don’t think I’ve understood properly the intricate relationship between geology, topography and all the variety of plant and animal species which the beach sustains.  We walk our dogs, chat to friends and build sandcastles amid features that are astonishingly rare and have their origins millions of years ago.
Here’s the crunch:  Annie’s talk and the leaflet itself illustrate how fragile Pendower is and the many threats it faces.  We can all help to protect it, by making sure everyone who visits it appreciates what surrounds them and knows how to be a good visitor. 
We need your help to fund the leaflet and distribute it as widely as possible.
We haven’t asked for subscriptions since 2016.   We will be starting again as of January 2019.  Please see the note below from our Treasurer Jerry Goodwin as to how to pay.  Everyone will be entitled to a copy of the leaflet, but in order to avoid postage costs and admin time please send a stamped addressed 11 x 22cm envelope to Brian Perman, Barn Cottage, Veryan, Truro TR2 5QA.  If you’re paying your subscription by cheque you can include an s.a.e. with your payment to Jerry.  You’re also welcome to collect a leaflet from me after New Year if you prefer.  If so please let me know by email. 
Some of you may have holiday accommodation or other suitable venues for wider distribution.  We would be delighted to supply multiple copies but would greatly appreciate it if you feel able to make a further donation to help with these increased costs.  (The leaflets will probably work out at a cost to us of about 5p each.)  Please could you let us know as soon as possible how many you might be able to use so we can adjust our print run accordingly.  Please also pass the message on if you know of friends or businesses who might be able to use multiple copies and ask them to tell me by email how many they want.
You’ll find below a link to a pdf of the leaflet in draft form, so you can see what it looks like.

Finally, as that time of year approaches when the Christmas frenzy takes over, I wish you a happy time over the holidays and plenty of opportunity to enjoy our lovely beach.
With best wishes



Treasurer’s note:
In 2016 it was decided to suspend collection of subscriptions from existing members because the Trustees were of the opinion that the level of activities and expenditure did not justify adding to funds expected to be received from new members and other donations. At the AGM held on 27th November it was agreed that as activities are expected to increase it is now prudent to re-start the collection of subscriptions of £5 per person per calendar year or part year starting from 1st January 2019.
Many thanks to those members who paid their subs at the AGM.  Other Members wishing to renew their subscriptions may do so by sending a cheque made payable to "Friends of Pendower Beach" to the Treasurer, Jerry Goodwin, at Gull Rock, Rosevine, Cornwall, TR2 5EW. Alternatively please send a BACS payment to the account of "Friends of Pendower Beach", Sort code 08-92-99, Account Number 65443592.  
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