As a Supporter or Member

If you share our love of Pendower Beach and would like to be involved in achieving our aims, why not join us either as a Member or Supporter of the Friends?

Everyone wishing to join us should complete the mailing list form on the 'Join the Mailing List' link


Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 on payment of a minimum annual subscription of £5.00 per person.
Members will receive updates of our activities and are entitled to vote at General Meetings and on specific proposals for action.


You can download copies of our Constitution and latest Annual Trustee's Report and Accounts.

If you've previously registered your details and would like to pay a subscription then please click here.


For those who support our aims, but do not want to commit to full membership, you can register as a Supporter.

You will be able to give us your views and be kept informed of our activities, but will not have voting rights.